Why do I get pimples?

Every time I get a pimple on a face, I feel like I’ve lost a battle and ask myself “What did I do wrong this time??”

I always put on my detective hat and trace back to the few things that are usually the culprits of acne.

  • Sleep: Have I been sleeping early? How many hours did I get each night for the past week?
  • Stress: What’s been on my mind? How’s work affecting my mood and mindset?
  • Diet: Have I been drinking alcohol or snacking on junk food? Eating chips always links to acne for me. A lot of people say dairy affects them because of the hormones but luckily I don’t think dairy triggers acne for me. Chips are usually a problem for me…
  • Hormonal changes in my body: Is it that time of the month? Have I switched any type of medication recently? For readers who are going through puberty, pimples are totally normal! Just make sure you treat them now to avoid acne scars.
  • Pillowcase: These things can house dirt and oil. There are several articles on what types of pillowcases to buy to avoid them giving you breakouts but the solution is to take preventative steps. 
  1. Sleep on pillowcases made out of natural fabrics. These materials themselves breathe better and transfer less oil. Also, if you are using acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide or retinol, these products can stain pillowcase so make sure your fabrics are white because the topical treatments will bleach them.

  2. Wash your pillowcases every three to five days – 1 week max. This ensures you’re not lying on a pillowcase with several days’ worth of oil soaked into it.

  • Dirty phone: Imagine how many times you put the phone against your face every day and where you bring your phone with you. Whether it be in your purse, to the gym, in your pocket, or those occasional times that you drop it on the floor, everything that your phone touches is also touching your face so make sure you clean and wipe down the screen at least twice a week!
  • Skincare product: We all get excited about new skincare products and as much as we hate the feeling of knowing that the product not only doesn’t work for you, but makes your skin break out, we have to really think about what that product is doing to your skin. Sometimes we aren’t aware and overlook our own skincare products but listen to your skin when it’s reacting! These don’t always have to be new products – they can be ones we’ve used in the past and had no issues with but our body is constantly changing so make sure not to ignore these signs!

Acne is frustrating and we all want to get rid of it ASAP but don’t stress too much because it can really end up making your skin worse. Next time you have a new pimple, just think back to why your skin reacted the way it did and trace back to the culprit so you can avoid going through these phases as much as possible.

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